How to participate?


The European Humanities Conference 2021 (EHC 2021) is expected to be an opportunity to debate and make recommendations on key priorities for the Humanities,  recommendations to and from a wide range of actors, such as, among others, those related to research and education, public policy and the media.

Four main topics have been previously defined, but participants - individuals or groups, networks and research centers - may suggest other topics, as long as they are in line with the general objectives of EHC 2021 (see here).

There are various forms of involvement:

Participation in the Online Forums: making contributions to the discussions taking place in the online forums (see here). 

Organisation of preparatory events: organisation of preparatory meetings that run until March 2021, related to the thematic scope of the conference, whose characteristics are left to the decision of who promotes them. The conclusions and recommendations that arise in this area may be disseminated in the Online Forums, or on the CEH2021 website in poster, video or publication format (download poster template here).

Dissemination of R&D results: this will be done through the production of short videos for the European R&D Humanities Exhibition (see here) or through the development of posters (download poster template here). It needs the approval of the Scientific Council. The deadline for delivery of posters is 30 March 2021.

Suggestion of other forms of participation: needs to be accepted by the organisation of the EHC 2021.

To participate, register and submit material on the website here.


Questions and queries should be sent to the event email: