The aim of holding a European Humanities Conference is to discuss how the recommendations of the World Conference (Liège, 2017) and the global programs already created or in preparation, may be articulated with the strategies that European countries have in this area. In this sense, the European Conference will have as its structuring component the researchers and the research supporting entities, but should promote the participation, also, of other sectors (namely the field of definition of public policies and citizen participation)1.

On the other hand, with the CIPSH promoting the structuring of regional networks networking platforms, the Conference should enhance this process in the European area. The specific objectives will be built collaboratively between CIPSH, UNESCO and FCT in Portugal, welcoming the contributions of all International Federations of Humanities and, where appropriate, the European Commission2.


In particular UNESCO programmes with the collaboration of CIPSH (e.g. MOST-Management of Social Transformations; BRIDGES) and CIPSH with the collaboration of UNESCO (Global History of Humanity; Art and Society; World Of Humanities Report; Chairing).
International Union of Academies; International Association of Aesthetics; International Association of History of Religions; International Association for the Promotion of Geoethics; International Association of Positive Psychology;   Permanent International Committee of Linguists; International Council of Historical Sciences; Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes; Division of History and Technology Science; Division of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology; International Federation of Classical Studies;  International Federation of Modern Languages and Literatures; International Federation of Philosophy Societies; Asian Network of New Humanities; World Network for Linguistic Diversity; International Geographical Union; World Anthropological Union (International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences and World Council of Anthropological Associations); International Union of Prehistoric and Proto-Historical Sciences.