Exhibition of R&D in Humanities

The European Conference of the Humanities (CEH 2021) is part of the European R&D in Humanities Exhibition. Taking place simultaneously, the Exhibition will remain available online after the CEH 2021, which makes it a unique opportunity to promote the international visibility of the activity carried out by researchers in these areas of knowledge.


The European R&D Exhibition in the Humanities aims to facilitate the social perception of the influence and benefits arising from R&D activities carried out in the Arts & Humanities, including interaction with other fields of knowledge.

The exhibition will be composed by short videos, with accessible and appealing contents, giving an account of the developments carried out in the scope of the referred activities. A complementary content will correspond to videos that answer the question: why a training in humanities? Videos on the employability of those trained in these areas of knowledge will also be considered.


Who can participate?

The videos will be produced by researchers in the Humanities areas, understood in their broadest sense and considering the interdisciplinary activity.

FCCN (Scientific Computing Unit of FCT) and several institutions of higher education provide technical and artistic support to the production of the videos, always in a context of teamwork, with all recognized co-authorships.

How to participate?

Those interested in making videos available for the show should send a record of this intention to the email with the following elements: title of the video (even if provisional), institution and scientific domains covered.

A creative briefing prepared by FCCN with guidelines for the production of the videos will be sent to those who request it.
The video’s language is at the authors' option. When the language chosen is not English, it is recommended that the video has English subtitles.

Technical requirements of the videos

The videos must meet the following requirements:

- Resolution - Full HD (1920x1080);

- 25 frames per second (25p);

- Delivery formats: .mov or .mp4;

- Duration: 3-5 minutes.

The videos should be sent via FILESENDER, a service provided by FCCN (, considering the email Those who do not have access to FILESENDER should request this possibility to the same email.


The deadline for receiving the videos is April 21, 2021 (New deadline!).


Important links:

Example of videos here.

Mostra_ID_apoio_técnico_artístico_IES_download here.

Mostra_ID_apoio_técnico_FCCN_download here.

Requisitos_técnicos_vídeos_download here.