On the Road Towards a Logo


The selection of the European Humanities Conference logo was made through a collaboration between the Conference organisation and the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Lisbon, under the guidance of Professor Emílio Vilar.

Students of the faculty were introduced to the Conference scope and objectives, its origins in the World Humanities Conference and the partnership between UNESCO and CIPSH, as well as the ongoing common strategy designed with the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. They were asked to conceive a logo that might recall those variables and, in particular, the unity and diversity of Humanity and of the Humanities, also in their relation to sciences and other forms of human intellectual expressions.

Although this was a volunteer exercise, 30 students presented their proposals, through dossiers that illustrated their understanding and the research process leading to the final suggestion of logo. The jury unanimously agree to select a proposal of Maria João Mestre to become the Conference’s logo. It also approved two honourable mentions, awarded to proposals by Iolanda Tavares and Carolina Vieira.

The whole set of proposals is now disclosed, greeting all proponents for their invaluable collaboration to the Conference.


Download the proposals here.